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Microwave heating for aseptic and high-value products.

AseptiWave™ is a plant-scale heating solution that uses microwave technology to heat-treat products more quickly than conventional heating solutions. With 1/10 the run length of typical systems, huge improvements in required maintenance and cleaning schedules, and improved run-times, AseptiWave is the ideal solution for your most complex processing requirements.

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microwave-wave2Faster Heat-Up

Shorter pipe lengths and a more direct heating method give the AseptiWave™ process a heat-up time that is superior to conventional processing methods for both high and low-viscous designed systems. Tests prove the heat-up time is less than 1/2 that of the fastest conventional systems and 1/4 to 1/10 that of typical conventional systems. AseptiWave can also deliver instant thermal come-up and cool-down via rapid volumetric heating.



aseptia continuous flowContinuous Flow Efficiency

AseptiWave is a continuous flow heating system that effectively heats products up to 70% more quickly than steam-based heating systems. Faster heating results in the ability to move more product through the system more quickly. And since the heating tubes on an AseptiWave system are much shorter than on a typical heating system, changeover is faster with far less product loss.



AseptiWave™ improves every facet of production.


The advanced heating technology used in the AseptiWave system has proven efficacy for products containing particles. The volumetric heating process allows rapid uniform heating of the carrier and the particles simultaneously, which helps to maintain particle integrity and preserve the natural color and nutritional content of the food.

Increased Yields

Because the AseptiWave processor typically has 1/10 of the pipe length of a comparable tubular heater, the system requires less product waste for line charge. This translates to a faster sterilization cycle and product transition. Yields are further improved because AseptiWave is a piggable system.

Less Fouling & Easier Cleanup

AseptiWave heats the product, not the pipes. That means that the interior surfaces stay cleaner longer and require a less frequent de-fouling and maintenance regimen. And when it is time to clean AseptiWave’s significantly reduced heating length makes cleanup and maintenance much simpler and efficient. Less down time, less clean up, less expense.

Preserve High Value Ingredients

AseptiWave heats product very quickly. As such it reduces the producer’s need to fortify their products with excess amounts of high-value ingredients that are dictated by regulation. For instance, baby formula that is heated using AseptiWave would require less nutritional over-fortification to achieve FDA approved levels of nutritional quality. Less fortification with high-cost ingredients improves the margin on every unit produced. Any products with high-proteins or high nutritional content– like vitamin content that needs to be maintained– are excellent candidates for an AseptiWave solution.

Aseptic Packaging

One of the greatest innovations in packaged foods in the last 50 years is the introduction of aseptic packaging. Because AseptiWave is a sterile preservation process, modern aseptic packaging is an ideal fit and offers additional savings for producers. No refrigeration, freezing, or canning is required when AseptiWave is used in conjunction with aseptic packaging. And aseptic packaging has other significant benefits over traditional cans and bottles like uniform packaging sizes and shapes that pack better, ship better, and take up far less shelf space.

Reduced Maintenance and Consumables

The AseptiWave heating process has no consumables or wear parts to maintain, which improves long-term efficiency and reduces downtime. With scrape surface exchangers needed for conventional high viscous products, the regular maintenance requires an extensive teardown to replace the mechanical seals, springs and bearings plus motor and drive maintenance. With conventional heating on low viscous products, equipment such as plate and frame exchangers requires regular teardown for gasket replacement. The boiler systems used to generate the steam for conventional systems require regular chemical additives as well as routine parts replacement; the efficiency can decrease as much as 15% based on maintenance and tuning.

Scalable & Modular

AseptiWave is a scalable solution with predictable input and output potential. If additional heating capacity is required a second, third, or fourth  AseptiWave system can be installed inline to deliver the desired results

Facility Level Efficiency Improvements

AseptiWave uses microwave technology to heat products. What does that mean for the design of production facilities? AseptiWave in and of itself does not create heat like gas powered systems. That means less HVAC is required and improved energy– and space–efficiency from systems that need not be oversized and maintained.

AseptiWave™ Configurations

AseptiWave configuratioons

AseptiWave is available in three base configurations that are appropriate for most use-case scenarios. In the event that higher throughputs are required, AseptiWave units can be installed in series to increase capacity.


For more information on how AseptiWave could be implemented in your production line, get in touch.

Processing Data
- Maximum Throughput1-2LPM4GPM (1000kg/h)20GPM (4500kg/h)
- Product Piping Connection3⁄4”2” (50DIN) Triclamp2” (50DIN) Triclamp
- Max Product Temp140 C145 C145 C
Equipment Dimensions
- Length40.5” (1.03m)157” (3.98m)157” (3.98m)
- Width32” (.85m)75” (1.9m)75” (1.9m)
- Height68” (1.74m)81” (2.05m)81” (2.05m)
- Electrical Power Supply5-10kW200kW500kW