AseptiSense validation technology

The only FDA accepted solution for continuous flow particulate validation

AseptiSense is the missing link in the validation of complex, liquid products with chunky components. AseptiSense introduces BioPod™ surrogate particles that track the performance of your validation from the inside. Using contactless sensors that are dispersed along the validation line, AseptiSense delivers real-time, accurate, actionable data that helps get products to market more quickly while maintaining the highest levels of food safety.

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How it Works

AseptiSense works by integrating a sensor array along the outside of your existing process line. Depending upon the complexity and line requirements, sensor arrays can be designed using  up to 16 sensors per channel with up to 16 channels for unique sensing locations. This data is amplified and consolidated to a data acquisition system which records and analyzes the data in real time and provides real-time visual feedback to the operator. This data provides the particle velocities and residence time as well as the thermal treatment of the particle which can also be confirmed with the incubation of the BioPod after capture. In total, this proven and accepted method provides the full data set required to quantify and verifty lethality for any continuous flowing product.

aseptia continuous flow

Continuous Flow Validation

AseptiSense utilizes a ‘Continuous Flow’ paradigm that delivers significant time savings in product validation. Instead of testing a batch and tweaking between batches, Continuous Flow Validation allows plant operators the opportunity to test every batch multiple times by deploying trackable components into the flow of product at any point. The result is the creation of large datasets with deep, actionable data that enables operators to make immediate changes to their heat and hold strategies, even within the scope of the same validation run. By using AseptiSense, operators can hone heating-temperatures or adjust hold-times and test hypotheses in a continuous manner and make every batch tested more effective in achieving validation.

A BioPods journey through Aseptia AseptiSense

Components of AseptiSense™

1. BioPods™

The AseptiSense™ system utilizes surrogate food particles called BioPods™ that can be used to simulate virtually any particulate ingredient processed using a continuous-flow process. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and densities that cover the spectrum of complex food particles, each BioPod is loaded with a sealed cache of biologically active contaminants and tagged with trackable thermo-sensitive implants that enable for the real-time tracking and validation of each individual particle. Both BioPod particles and cache implants are engineered to optimize density and heat penetration characteristics and maximize velocity of the assembled particles – making this the ideal validation solution for measuring and monitoring your continuous-flow process.

AseptiSense BioPods

2. The Launcher

The launcher is installed inline just prior to product heating and allows for the precise deployment of BioPods into the flow of the product being tested.

3. Sensors

AseptiSense utilizes contactless sensors along the length of the validation line to track each BioPod and capture data about effectiveness of the processes being utilized.

4. Monitoring Software

AseptiSense utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware that allow for a real-time continuous process monitoring of particle flow. AseptiSense technologies provide tools for pre-process simulation and design, precise real-time data acquisition, and post-process analysis in a number of flexible, easy-to-use system configurations.

5. Particle Capture System

At the end of the validation line– just prior to the filling station– a particle capture system utilizes magnets to remove the BioPods from the system. After capture the BioPods are incubated with the cache in-situ for visual verification within 72 hours.